Superbowl Package

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Offense - 99/Speed 97/speed 99/Truck 98/Cod 99/Catch 95/Catch 98/Spectacular 99/MRR 97/DRR 95/release 99/Jump 88/speed 85/awareness 90/awareness 99/awareness 98/impact 99/Acceleration 95/acceleration 99/agility 90/agility 99/Stamina 95/stamina 92/Cod 99/Spin 99/Juke 95/BCV 90/BCV 96/ CIT 90/CIT 99/ Deepthrow 97/Mediumthrow 99/LeadBlk 99/PBlk 99/Rblk.  Add. 2 X factors , 2 superstars and 2 agetakeback                                              Defense- 99/ Hp 95/Hp 99/awareness 95/awareness 99/tackle 95/tackle 99/pursuit 95/Pursuit 99/Fmove 99/Pmove 99/STA 95/STA 99/playrec 95/playrec 99/blockshed 95/Blockshed 90/zone 99/zone 99/man 90/man 99/Press 95/Press 99/strength 92/strength 95/acceleration 90/acceleration 96/Speed 99/speed 88/speed 90/Cod 95/Cod 95/agility 99/agility 99/jump 95/jump  add 2 Xfactors , 2 superstars , 2 agetakebacks    Attributes only can be used 3 to a player     Only can be purchased once a year